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Popular courses include Telehandler (inc or exc 360 slew), Slinger/Signaller, Forward Tipping Dumper, Ride on Roller, Dump Truck and Excavator (360 above or below 10 tonnes).

The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) is an alternative accreditation to CPCS and works across the Construction, Industrial, Utilities, Warehousing and Distribution, Agricultural, Ports and Marine sectors. NPORS training and testing is conducted in accordance with published course objectives and learning outcomes which are derived from the National Occupational Standards.

In 2014, the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) took the decision to recognise the NPORS card as acceptable proof of operator competence across their sites (as opposed to just the CPCS card which had, up until that time, been the only one they accepted).

There are three routes available to achieve an NPORS Operator Card (valid for 3 or 5 years):


Employers should assess suitability of a person for the role as a plant operator and then one of MG Scotland’s qualified instructors will verify the suitability of the candidate for the chosen route – see below for further information on each route.

NPORS Training Scotland


To achieve this card novice operators should attend training and pass both theory and practical tests.

Experienced Operator requiring training

To achieve this card experienced operators should attend training and pass both theory and practical tests.

Experienced Operator requiring no training

To achieve this card experienced operators can proceed directly to theory and practical tests, without any training days.


Earthmoving Equipment

N201 Excavator 180

N202 Excavator 360

N204 Forward Tipping Dumper

N123 Excavator Mini up to 5 tonnes

N722 Materials Re-Handler

N203 Trencher

N205 Rear Tipping Dumper

N206 Loader Compressor

N207 Crusher

N208 Screener

N209 Loading Shovel

N212 Skid Steer Loader

N215 Dozer

N223 Scraper

N224 Landfill Compactor

N240 Grader

N241 Pay Welder

N601 Agricultural Tractor

Miscellaneous Equipment

N120 Plant Loader and Securer

N211 Concrete Pump

N221 Piling Rig

N130 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

N214 Road Roller

N216 Road Planer

N220 Paver

N244 Chipper

N403 Vehicle Marshall

N133 Plant Machinery Marshall

N132 Plant Mover

Materials Handling Equipment

N001 Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck

N003 Reach Truck

N004 Lorry Mounted Lift Truck

N005 Order Picker

N006 Side Loader

N007 Narrow Aisle Lift Truck

N008 Pallet / Stacker Truck

N009 Rough Terrain Lift Truck

N010 Telescopic Handler

N012 Container Handler

N013 Pivot Steer Lift Truck

N135 Multi Directional Lift Truck

Accessing Equipment

N108 MEWP Boom

N109 MEWP Scissor

N111 Hoist

N119 Mast Climber

Lifting Operations

N101 Mobile Crane

N102 Tower Crane

N103 Crawler Crane

N104 Overhead Crane

N105 Quay Crane

N107 Lorry Loader

N114 Overhead Container Gantry Crane

N115 Remote Control Tower Crane

N100 Excavator as a Crane

N138 Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads

N405 Crane / Lift Supervisor

N402 Slinger / Signaller

N401 Appointed Person