Become an SQA-approved Assessor



Many organisations require, or choose to directly employ, their own NVQ/SVQ Assessor. MG Scotland are delighted to now be able to offer the SQA-approved Assessor qualification. The role of the Assessor is to assess trainees who are working towards National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications. The Assessors monitor candidates against a list of occupational standards, by directly observing the person at work, checking a portfolio of written evidence, or other methods. They provide feedback to the trainees and offer advice if the standards are not met.

Assessors must keep accurate written records of their candidates’ progress, according to the requirements of the awarding bodies and are responsible for:

  • Developing plans for assessing competence with candidates
  • Judging evidence against agreed standards to make assessment decisions
  • Giving candidate feedback and support on assessment decisions
  • Contributing to the internal quality assurance procedure.

Successful Assessor candidates would then be able to do the following:

  • Assess candidates against the SVQ’s or NVQ’s agreed standards using a range of assessment decisions
  • Give candidates constructive feedback on assessment decisions
  • Contribute to the internal quality procedures.

To discuss becoming an Assessor in more detail, please contact us.